CX Centric Conversation: CX During a Pandemic April 2020

On 1st April CX Brussels (powered by CXCENTRIC) hosted an international discusison on managing Customer Experience during a pandemic. This was hosted by Jonathan Daniels.

We were blessed to have a panel of international experts representing each of the continents. Along with over 45 participants from around the world.

If you missed this event don’t worry. We have another event planned for end of April 2020, please sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date.

Check out our international panel of experts below!

  • Mandisa Makubalo – CX Advocate, Africa
  • Ana Luisa Romera – CX Catalyst, Europe
  • John Hanson – CX Expert and Author of 7 Ways Menu, North America
  • Carlos Espinosa – CX Professional, South America
  • Asia – Duong Nguyen – CX Pioneer, Asia
  • Australasia – Open

We covered the following areas:

  • Creative ways to manage CX during this timeEmpathy and Local Stories
  • Aftermath and future planning

The image of the Corona Burger was shared by Duong Nguyen. Who shared how Vietnam are proactively trying to lift the spirits of its people.

The below image shows where the participants joined from. As you can see North America took most of the seats.

CX Brussels
International CX Discussion

In the discussion we held a number of polls. Check them below. And scroll to the bottom to see the recording of the interactive discussion.

CX Brussels Discussion – How do people participate.
Customer experience maturity

CX Brussels: Level of Maturity

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