CX Centric Conversation: The Art and Science of Storytelling, January 2021.

With this event, we were diving into Story Telling!

Some of the main questions which were tackled during the event include:

What is Story Telling apart from the obvious? How can you use this technique in business? When and where is it appropriate? What are the key components of an effective story? What sort of results can you expect when you perfect this skill?

Story telling has grown in importance in business over the last few years. In this session we were very lucky to have the coveted Keith Kmett, Chief Customer Officer and Master Story Teller. Keith kicked off with a keynote on the art and science of story telling.

This was then followed by a workshop on Story Telling so you could gain practical experience as to how to use this skill.

Herewith a video of Keith Kmett’s Keynote speech:

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Author of The Customer Experience Playbook and Director of CX CENTRIC

For this CX Centric Conversation, we constructed an international panel of experienced and knowledgeable professionals representing each of the continents. And with their help we managed to get to some solid conclusions.

Panel Members

Mandisa Makubalo – CX Pioneer, Africa

John D Hanson – Author of WOW Your Customers! 7 Ways to World-Class Service, North America

Carlos Espinosa – CX Leader, South America

Ali Malik, Pakistan – CX Pioneer, Asia

Gunjan Allen – CX Leader, Australasia

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