Autumn Round Table: Starring Jürgen Ingels

About our Keynote Speaker: Jürgen Ingels

The guest speaker that evening was Jürgen Ingels, a Belgian entrepreneur from Roeselare, who founded Clear2Pay in 2001, a company specialized in payment software for banks. After its sale in 2014, he tirelessly continued to support various financial technology companies, either directly or through the investment fund Smartfin Capital he founded.

Others will also know Jürgen Ingels from the FOUR program de Leeuwenkuil (2018), in which he, together with four other top entrepreneurs, went in search of the “golden idea” to further support starting entrepreneurs. During the Round Table, Jürgen spoke about his recently published book “50 Lessons for Entrepreneurs” and about the future challenges of digital transformation.

Summary of Event

CX-Brussels held its autumn edition of their CX Roundtable Talks in the Comme Chez Soi restaurant in Brussels. CX-Brussels is a fairly young organization that, as the name suggests, is based in Brussels. Through various corporate events, CX-Brussels wants to put customer experience (“customer experience”, abbreviated “CX”) and digital transformation on the map, not only in Brussels, but also beyond. Several companies from Brussels and the surrounding area are now members. Through such events, CX-Brussels also wants to support the Brussels economy and the restaurant & hotel industry in particular.

This event was hosted by Jonathan Daniels and Frederic De Vrieze.

Agenda for the evening:

  • 18h30: Welcome (private room – 1st floor) 
  • 18h45-18h50: Introduction (by CX-Brussels) 
  • 18h50-19h30: Keynote Jürgen Ingels on ‘digital entrepreneurship’ 
  • 19h30-20h: Round Table on ‘digital transformation’ + Wrap-up 
  • 20h-21h45: Dinner (Guest Table, with a view on Comme Chez Soi’s kitchen) 

Discussion Points:

  • What does digital transformation really means for your business?  
  • Transformation means change, what’s the impact on your company’s culture? Employees? 
  • Digital transformation? Are you Customer driven or not?   

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