CX Centric Conversation: Driving Media Subscriptions through CX Transforming from Print to Digital, March 2021.

In this CX-Centric conversation, which was also co-hosted by CX-Centric, the keynote speakers were the wonderful Ali Lichtenstein and Alana Matos. The two shared insightfully about their companies which are the Dow Jones and Economist respectively concerning how their companies have thrived with media subscriptions and also sharing with the attendees some of the best solutions they can use to drive media subscriptions.

In this conversation, we explored how businesses are using Customer Experience to drive Subscriptions in the Media industry. Most media companies have made the transition from print to digital media, or are working a hybrid model. This shift has proved to be a big challenge for many media companies as the change is both capital and technologically extensive.

In this event, we concentrated on some of the most popular issues involved with media companies. Some of the key discussion questions for this event include: How to cut through digital noise to drive media subscriptions? How to increase digital engagement with Customers who are used to print magazines to drive media subscriptions? And many more.

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Author of The Customer Experience Playbook and Director of CX CENTRIC

For this CX Centric Conversation, we constructed an international panel of experienced and knowledgeable professionals representing each of the continents. And with their help we managed to get to some solid conclusions.

Panel Members

Mandisa Makubalo – CX Leader, Africa

Rodrigo Edwards – CX Leader, South America

John D Hanson – CX/CS Leader, USA

Gunjan Allen – CX Leader, Australasia

Ali Malik – CX Leader, Asia

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