CX-Centric Conversation: Banking on the Future: Framing a new vision for service in Bank, Dec 2020

CX Brussels co-hosted its last event of the year 2020 in association with CX Centric on the 2nd of December 2020. This was in the form of the popular CX Centric Conversation. This was a event with a sizeable number of attendees, and we received a lot of positive feedback. In this event the main focus was on Banking on the Future: Framing a New Service Vision for Service in Banking.

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This was a interactive global discussion with professionals from every continent, across lots of different industries. Please note this is for people of all experience levels! In these times we’ve got to collaborate across borders to solve problems together!

This event was influenced by the ever-changing environment in the banking sector. The Banking Sector has and is still going through unprecedented changes at the moment. Both with the rush to digital, and also with increasing competition from up and coming fintech start-ups. But offering excellent service is more important than ever – and that requires strong customer focus hence much was covered on that aspect of banking during the event.

During the event, the poignant question which the attendees had a long think about was: Banks and great service are normally oxymorons. But this can no longer be the case. Why are there some banks that seem to get the importance of Customer Service, and why are there still some that just don’t get it?

The keynote speaker of the event was the multi-experienced woman in the Customer Experience field Anastasia Vladychynska who has extensive experience coaching senior leaders in Banks to improve their level of Service, both in USA and in Ukraine. Anastasia also teaches CEOs as part of her MBA course at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. Anastasia kicked off the discussion with a powerful keynote where she shared some interesting case studies.

As usual we were joined by a panel of experts representing each continent:

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Author of The Customer Experience Playbook and Director of CX CENTRIC

For this CX Centric Conversation, we constructed an international panel of experienced and knowledgeable professionals representing each of the continents. And with their help we managed to get to some solid conclusions.

Panel Members

This event was hosted by Jonathan Daniels. And we were supported by the following panel members:

Below is the keynote speech by Anastasia:

A Global Audience

Partnering with CX Centric allows us to take our events global and maximise our impact. CX Centric runs a global community of passionate customer experience practitioners. The image below presents the continents where our attendees resided from.

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