Cx-Centric Conversations: Co-Creating the Employee Experience to drive Business Growth, Oct 2020.

CX Brussels co-hosted this exciting event in association with CX Centric on the 28th of October 2020. This was an interactive global discussion with professionals from every continent, across lots of different industries.

Please note these events co-hosted by CX Brussels are for people of all experience levels! In these times we’ve got to collaborate across borders to solve problems together!

Sharon Boyd was the keynote speaker of this event. Boyd is a versatile women who happens to be the Chief Customer Officer for MKL Innovation ( An organisation based in the UK which specialises in customer experience, compliant handling, employee experience, soft skills training, coaching and workshop facilitation). She is also Director at the Customer lnstitute and is currently studying towards her Masters in Business. Miss Boyd has also led various teams including the College Advocates thus making her very experienced and well informed when it comes to employee experience and customer experience.

Boyd started off with highlighting that employee experience has changed so much over the last year, and being able to motivate employees is top of mind for most CEOs today.

We’ve got to be intentional about the environment we create with our employees. Notice I say ‘with’ our employees, rather than ‘for’ our employees

J. Daniels

Furthermore, thought provoking questions were posed to the attendees. Some of these questions included: How do you go about creating an environment which will support business growth and sustainability? Some organisations have a business strategy, others go as far as converting this into some sort of Customer Experience Strategy. But how does this translate for each employee as they go on their day-to-day working life? How do you get this strategy to affect real change which leads to business growth?

Below is the keynote speech by Sharon Boyd:

For this CX Centric Conversation as usual, we constructed an international panel of experienced and knowledgeable professionals representing each of the continents, apart from Antarctica. And with their help we effortlessly managed to get to some solid conclusions.

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Author of The Customer Experience Playbook and Director of CX CENTRIC

Panel Members

Sharon Boyd – CX Director, Europe

Mandisa Makubalo – CX Pioneer, Africa

Rick Denton – CX Leader, North America

Carlos Espinosa – CX Leader, South America

Ali Malik, Pakistan – CX Pioneer, Asia

Gunjan Allen – CX Leader, Australasia

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