CX Centric Conversation: Bridging Customer Experience and Customer Success Sept 2020

CX and CS are often viewed and managed as totally seperate disciplines. This setup is causing both sides to miss out on opportunities. Hence we have set this up to break the silo between these two diciplines.

What are the similarities and differences between CS and CX in regards to the skills that are required? What does a CX professional do that a CS professional would never do? and Vice-versa!

For this special event we constructed an international panel of experienced and knowledgable professionals representing both Customer Experience and Customer Success. In this way we achieved a well-rounded conversation, and to form some useful and actional conclusions.

We were very lucky to have the well-respected Sue Nabeth Moore who offered a keynote rich in information an insights.

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Author of The Customer Experience Playbook

Panel Members

Sue Nabeth Moore – CS Leader, Europe (Keynote Speaker)

Mandisa Makubalo – CX Advocate, Africa

Diana De Jesus – CS Leader, North America

Felipe Lewis – CS Specialist, South America

Ali Malik, Pakistan – CX Pioneer, Asia

Gunjan Allen – CX Leader, Australasia

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