CX Centric Conversation: How have your customers’ needs changed? May 2020

This event is sponsored by CX CENTRIC

There is a lot going on in the world, and this impacts our customers. During our previous discussion Duong mentioned the importance of revisiting your Customer Architetypes and Personas. And we discussed reviewing the Customer Journey in light of recent events. In this converation we will dive deeper into this topic, benefiting from observations and examples from across the world.

This event included a very inspirational speach from Luke Murfitt, UK Entrepreneur of the Year.

As usual we have formed a panel of very knowledgable and innovative CX professionals representing each continent. 

Host: Jonathan Daniels – Inventor of the CX CENTRIC playbook


  • Mandisa Makubalo – CX Advocate, Africa
  • Ana Luisa Romera – CX Catalyst, Europe
  • John Hanson – CX Expert and Author of 7 Ways Menu, North America
  • Rodrigo Edwards – CX Professional, South America
  • Ali Malik, Pakistan – CX Pioneer, Asia
  • Lara Husselbee – CX Enthusiaste, Australasia
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